Keeping pace with the shift to digital

Making sure you’re ready to support today’s smart connected interactions

Recent research from analyst firm Ovum suggests that 74% of consumers already use at least three or four different channels before they engage via a contact centre. An impressive 22% apparently use five or more.

Digital Customer Service

Customers have clearly already made the shift to digital, and that’s placing real pressure on organisations - not just to offer multiple channels, but also to recognise these smart connected interactions are significantly raising consumer expectations.

As consumers we all, quite rightly, want organisations to respond to our queries in real time – however we also now expect that businesses will have an understanding of all our previous transactions and communications, no matter the medium.

So the pressure is on customer service organisations to make sure their self-service and ‘agented’ service channels are tightly integrated across channel, similarly customer interaction history needs to persist across channels so agents have full visibility of the end to end customer journey.

Customer engagement needs to be context-aware, which will mean that the solution will only offer content or a specific channel when appropriate to the Customer Journey.

Further to personalise the customer experience it’s necessary to base routing decisions on customer data, as this insight allows the routing engine to determine the best way to handle that specific customer contact, not only will this drive customer interaction more intelligently but it will lead to interactions being delivered to the right employee at the right time.

From an Agent Desktop perspective it’s important to share in real time the customer journey across all channels and provide up-to-date information around where the customer has been on both the digital and non-digital channels, as this insight will help the employee have meaningful conversations with your customers.

At Sabio we're well placed to work with your organisation to assess your current and planned channel strategies against today's best practice approaches - and provide you with a step-by-step technology roadmap to truly optimise your digital customer engagement.

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