Supporting Your Strategy

Sabio's consultancy team work with the world's leading organisations to help them to develop world class customer contact strategies

The first step in defining a world class customer contact strategy is to understand where you are today and where you should be focussing your resources. Some of our clients are literally building a customer service strategy from scratch, others are much more advanced on their journey.

Sabio has developed our Insight process which helps our customers to decide where to focus their resources. Insight is an innovative analysis framework that allows our customer service experts to analyse and benchmark the performance of your operation against the best in the industry.

The key objective of the Insight process is to provide you with clarity and focus on the initiatives that will have the biggest impact over the next 12-24 months.

The Insight Process

Insight Process Diagram

The 'Insight' analysis framework, devised by the Consultancy Practice at Sabio enables the assessment of your customer services operation across six key areas: data acquisition, demand management, automation, accessibility, optimisation and efficiency.

Data Utilisation

Your customer service centre is a gold mine of data.

Vast quantities of information on customers, products, processes and staff are available and most activities are measured down to the second. But do you have the right tools to access this data? Are you measuring the things that really matter?

This part of the Insight process is focussed on assessing the information that you have available and how you are using it. The objective is to help you drive the performance of your operation by focusing on what really matters.

Challenge Demand

Does your data inform whether your customer contacts are valuable or unnecessary? Do your people feel empowered to speak up about products and processes that are causing unnecessary contact? Do your business processes constantly track and fix bad demand?

Measuring and reducing bad demand is key to providing a better service and improving your efficiency. Customer service centres should be at the heart of this process.

Sabio will focus on how your organisation identifies, measures and fixes unnecessary customer demand. The objective is to help you eliminate the bad demand and focus on what really matters.

Self-Service success

Are your customers currently able to self-serve on the web, whilst mobile or using voice self-service? How can you improve the uptake of self service? Are there processes that would improve the customer experience if they could self-serve?

This part of the processes focusses on the self-service capabilities that you provide to your customers. Sabio will carry out a usability audit of your key self-service channels including web, mobile and IVR. We will analyse and benchmark how these channels are performing and assess and recommend any other customer processes that should be considered for automation.

Successful self-service must be easy to use and appropriate for the customer task. Well-designed self-service provides your customers with choice and flexibility and frees up your staff to deal with those tasks that require the human touch!

Multi-channel service

How easy are you to do business with? A modern business needs to be easily accessible to its customers through a multitude of channels including web, phone, email, web chat, SMS and social media.

Customer behaviour has changed significantly in the last few years and customer service organisations are struggling to keep pace. Your customer thinks of your organisation as a single entity. They expect to be able to communicate about the same issue across a number of different channels and they expect to receive a consistent service, regardless of which channel they chose. Unfortunately, customers are being forced to switch channels or worse – switch companies!

Sabio will assess how your organisation is managing the multi-channel customer and provide you with ideas and advice on how best to manage the channel shift.

Resource Optimisation

Are your resources deployed effectively? Are your employees given the training and support required to continually develop and to 'wow' your customers?

Optimising your business takes a clear understanding of your contact demand and the human resources required to handle it. The most successful organisations are continuously developing their staff and optimising their resources to meet the ever increasing demand of customers.

Sabio will assess your current work force optimisation practices including planning, quality, employee training and development and customer feedback. Our award winning team will ensure that you continue to get the best out of your staff.

Operational Efficiency

Are you able to accurately and efficiently route customer contacts and other work items to the correct people?

Are your desktop applications optimised to help your staff to be more productive and more customer centric? Do they provide a single view of the customer across all channels and context and information about previous interactions, purchases or problems?

With the pressure to reduce costs and deliver a superior customer experience, your business needs to focus on driving interaction quality and efficiency. Measuring 'In Flight' performance is hard; continuously improving it is even harder.

Insight – Output

Having spent time getting to know your customer services operation and digital channels, Sabio will provide feedback and recommendations on key focus areas for the next 12-24 months. Recommendations will cover technology, process, people and customer.

Where possible, Sabio will present business case data which will include estimated costs and return on investment. Sabio typically utilise case studies from organisations in your sector as well as examples of best practice in general customer services.

The Insight process provides our customers with clarity and focus into where to invest their resources. Some or all of the ideas and initiatives presented will form the basis of your strategy and Target Operating Model.

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