Reducing customer effort with intelligent self-service

Effective automation leads to proven bottom-line benefits

Today's customers want to get things done quickly, efficiently and on their own terms. Supporting them with intelligent self-service and automated customer contact solutions makes more and more sense – particularly when the experience delivered succeeds in reducing customer effort.

At Sabio we're able to support all aspects of self-service and automation, working with organisations in delivering engaging cross-channel experiences – while also securing impressive bottom-line results for your business.

Our experience in delivering proven DTMF and speech-enabled IVR solutions provides a platform for true self-service innovation and automation with technologies such as conversational IVR, multi-channel virtual assistants, voice biometrics, and proactive engagement.

We also provide your agents with further support in handling today's increasingly complex interactions, with powerful CTI integration for your CRM applications, as well streamlined agent desktops that help deliver a step-change increase in agent productivity.

And with a growing proportion of interactions now starting with mobile, we work closely with you to enable seamless links between your mobile apps and the contact centre – unlocking context and ensuring true cross-channel support for customers – regardless of their chosen contact approach.