Last week Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos sent a letter to shareholders that focused on his determination to keep the company focused on ‘Day 1’ thinking, - an approach that’s characterised by customer obsession, resisting rigorous process adherence, the eager adoption of external trends and high-velocity decision making.

Why ‘Day 1’? Because ‘Day 2’ brings stasis, followed by increasing irrelevance and decline.

According to Bezos, the outside world will quickly start pushing you into ‘Day 2’ if you don’t or can’t embrace powerful technology trends quickly. Embrace them, however, and you’ll benefit from a tailwind – particularly if you can put innovations to work cost-effectively to support your customer engagement goals. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg echoed this forward focus earlier this week when he talked about Augmented Reality (AR), acknowledging that ‘we can’t build the AR product we want today, so building virtual reality is the path to getting to those AR glasses’.

This is why we place Innovation at the heart of everything we do at Sabio, and it’s never been more important – particularly given the lightning pace of change in our sector. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen major steps towards pay-per-minute contact centres with Amazon Connect from Amazon Web Services, the release of Facebook Workplace for the enterprise, further developments with Microsoft’s Skype for Business Cloud PBX, as well as a whole host of innovation around contact centre and collaboration functions that you can build on the fly with application programming interfaces (APIs).

For an organisation like Sabio that’s focused on enabling excellent customer service, the opportunities to help organisations take advantage of solutions built around the latest open APIs, SaaS and pay-per-use software are getting more and more exciting – particularly when coupled with AI-enabled data and the latest omnichannel technologies. Do get in touch if you want to find out more about how they can deliver value for your business.

In the meantime, in this week’s SabioSense we’re highlighting insights from BBC Technology, Sabio, Recode and Inc.

  • AI system beats poker pros to pocket £230k – Team Dragon, a poker team made up of engineers, AI scientists and investors has applied game theory and machine intelligence to build an AI system that has beaten a team of six competitive poker players in a Chinese exhibition match
  • Does Customer Service really matter? – Given last week’s uproar around United Airlines’ forcible removal of a passenger from one of their planes, and Southern Railway’s CEO being paid almost £500,000 despite a year of seemingly continuous strikes and delays, you have to question whether some organisations really care about the customer experience they offer.
  • Say goodbye to the middlemen... – According to Inc. magazine, blockchain – the technology that is helping to redesign today’s online payment and information sharing networks, will prove truly disruptive as it allows parties to buy and sell any asset without the need for expensive third party intermediaries