SabioSense – 17.03.17

Attending Nuance’s London Customer Experience Summit earlier this month was a great opportunity to catch up with some of the brands busy transforming their customer experience with technologies such as voice biometrics and virtual assistants.

At Sabio we’ve of course been heavily involved with these technologies for some while, and have long been advocates of their importance as part of an end-to-end customer engagement strategy.

However what we’re now seeing, with brands like HSBC and TalkTalk busy rolling out voice biometrics to millions of UK customers, is a much more mainstream acceptance of these technologies in everyday life.

Perhaps we’re about to reach the tipping point where people start to see biometrics as the default option for accessing the organisations they engage with? Certainly this year’s HSBC ‘The Secret Den’ TV advert, which is all about taking you one step closer to doing all the things you want to do, succeeds by looking beyond the technology and focusing on the benefits of easy access.

This inevitably means that those businesses that aren’t yet up to speed with technologies such as biometrics can quickly start to look out of date. The key of course is for organisations to get their deployment timing exactly right. Too early, and not enough customers know what you’re trying to do. Too late, and you may have missed out on mass adoption!

The trick of course is to get the balance exactly right - with technologies that offer something that is clearly better than what’s currently in the market, but that also convinces people that it’s an improvement on their current customer journey.

In this issue of SabioSense we’re reporting on a new record for speech recognition accuracy, featuring Sabio’s recent addition of Rapport’s insight and analysis to our portfolio, noting that large-scale Internet of Things projects aren’t quite as easy as the analysts thought, and looking at chatbots as an important first step towards conversational intermediation.

  • New speech recognition accuracy record from IBM – IBM has recently used LSTM Long Short Term Memory and WaveNet language models to set a new industry conversational speech recognition record with a 5.5% error record. IBM believes it still needs to go a bit further - 5.1% - to achieve ‘human parity’.
  • Providing an objective external view on customer experience – reporting on Sabio’s recent acquisition of Rapport and how the move strengthens our customer engagement analytics portfolio
  • IoT - if it were easy, everyone would be doing it – a post from IoT For All suggests that despite McKinsey predictions of IoT enabling an $11 trillion market opportunity, Gartner now predicts that 75% of Internet of Things projects will take twice as long as planned through 2018
  • Chatbots as the first step to 'conversational intermediation'? - Chatbot Magazine cites cheap IT resources, substantial progress in language technology, the spread of messaging platforms and open source bot frameworks from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others as key factors pushing chatbots into the vanguard of the ‘language technology revolution’