According to an article in PwC’s Strategy+Business journal this week, the wave of digital ‘disruption that’s cresting now is more comprehensive and far-reaching’ than ever before.

But is that really the case? Of course we always tend to analyse major waves of change through our current perspective, however it was interesting to hear BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Long View’ programme last week, where the current challenges facing London Black Cab drivers from services such as Uber were compared with pressures faced by 18th Century watermen on the River Thames when new bridges disrupted their passenger ferry business.

Services such as Uber will inevitably end up being disrupted themselves – perhaps initially by new regulations, but also no doubt by evolving driverless transport initiatives. Perhaps it’s always the fate of the disruptor to become disrupted themselves? As Strategy-Business explains: ‘dominant companies, wedded to old approaches, lose market share to a new group of companies’.

Customer experience - of course – is at the heart of this, with new market entrants making better use of assets and lower prices to meet consumer needs in novel ways. So how is digital disruption impacting your own market sector, and are you applying the latest customer engagement innovations to help differentiate your proposition?

In this week’s SabioSense we report on 2018’s key technology issues for effective Digital Customer Engagement, highlight the advance of Amazon’s Alexa into the business world, flag up Facebook’s plans for extending its social media platform to lower age groups, and feature comment from Avaya on its 2018 plans.

  • 2018's 5 Key Technology issues for effective Digital Customer Engagement – Sabio identifies Virtual Agents, Messaging, IoT-connected products & services, new regulatory pressures such as GDPR and MiFID II, and the UX element of the Customer Journey as key factors for successful customer engagement in 2018.
  • Amazon set to introduce Alexa for Business – According to CNBC, Amazon could have some 500 million Alexa active users globally. With the planned introduction of Alexa for Business, perhaps that number doesn’t look too unrealistic?
  • Is Facebook Messenger kids a social media step too far? – News this week that, with the launch of Facebook Messenger Kids, the company is looking to ‘push down the age’ of when it’s acceptable for kids to be on social media is – not surprisingly – causing concern in many areas.
  • Avaya emerging stronger than ever – Avaya’s UK Managing Director Ioan MacRae explains why – post chapter 11 – Avaya is now better positioned for long-term success.