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The announcement that major accountancy firm PwC is removing traditional landlines from office desks across the business, is perhaps less a commentary on the inevitable decline of the landline and more a realisation that today’s smartphones are incredibly powerful communication platforms that offer a more efficient way of working and collaborating.

News that Amazon has shut down its Mayday on-screen videochat support service for Fire tablets should come as no surprise, given how quickly video is now evolving to support the broader customer experience.

Apple’s recent developers conference last week was notable for a thinly veiled attack on Facebook and other social media networks, as well as the launch of new browser capabilities to block website tracking of users. However, there were other major announcements with significance for the CX sector…

When Google introduced its Duplex AI service at the company’s recent conference it took a lot of people by surprise as it seemed like such a major leap forward.

While the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to flag potential democratic concerns, the real story is the widescale abuse of private social media data and, specifically, Facebook’s seemingly cavalier attitude to data extraction.

Listening to a recent BBC Radio show – Inside the World of the Frequent Flyer – provided a fascinating insight into the kind of hardcore loyalty programmes that airlines now run for high mileage customers.

With 300 million voiceprints now authenticated globally, it’s no wonder that Nuance says we’re now experiencing a ‘biometric boom’.

Seeing SpaceX launch a Tesla car towards Mars was pretty amazing. However, watching the Falcon Heavy rocket’s two side boosters perform a perfectly synchronised return to base was possibly even more impressive.

We’re frequently being told about the importance of the Voice of the Customer, but it’s not enough just to collect information – organisations also need to convert feedback into actions that will improve the customer experience.