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It’s great when things work really well. Last week I had a problem witha payment that I had set-up through PayPal. I got in touch, perhaps expecting things to be complex, but instead everything went really smoothly.


At Sabio we think Customer Experience should be brilliant, and that the contact centre is a powerful engine for creating and shaping great customer journeys. And, as an additional benefit, contact centres have always provedn a great place for developing an organisation’s next generation of customer-focused employees.


Walking past a shiny new Jaguar on the way to work recently I had a moment of clarity: I don’t think now that I ever really want to own a car like that. So what’s changed? How have my car-buying loyalties been disrupted?


On a US trip last week it was great to catch up with Sabio’s North American partners in the International Communications Alliance (ICA), particularly following the news of Sabio’s acquisition of DatapointEurope – one of the Alliance’s founding partners.


This week’s Amazon Prime Day clearly signals the scale and influence of Amazon’s operations – particularly with the recent news that more than two-thirds of US homes are now signed-up Prime members.


100 million users in 2008, 500 million in 2010, 1 billion in 2012 and now 2 billion in 2017. The seemingly inexorable growth in global Facebook users is impressive by any measure, but it would be a mistake to think that these numbers were inevitable. 

A gold ATM marks the spot in Enfield where Barclays launched the ATM 50 years ago this week

In the middle of all the fall-out from the recent departure of Uber’s CEO, it’s worth noting that the company has still created a service that Inc. refers to as the ‘gold standard in our are-we-there-yet on-demand world’.


Yesterday The Sun ran an article suggesting that, following its purchase of the US-based organic Whole Foods business, Amazon has become a ‘monster we should all be afraid of’. Allowing for an element of tabloid sensationalism, is there any truth behind the story?


Described as a ‘powerful new channel for customer service’ by some, and Apple’s answer to Facebook Messenger by others, Apple Business Chat – launched at WWDC 2017 - is a strong indicator of just how quickly the customer service sector is embracing chat.