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This week’s Amazon Prime Day clearly signals the scale and influence of Amazon’s operations – particularly with the recent news that more than two-thirds of US homes are now signed-up Prime members.


100 million users in 2008, 500 million in 2010, 1 billion in 2012 and now 2 billion in 2017. The seemingly inexorable growth in global Facebook users is impressive by any measure, but it would be a mistake to think that these numbers were inevitable. 

A gold ATM marks the spot in Enfield where Barclays launched the ATM 50 years ago this week

In the middle of all the fall-out from the recent departure of Uber’s CEO, it’s worth noting that the company has still created a service that Inc. refers to as the ‘gold standard in our are-we-there-yet on-demand world’.


Yesterday The Sun ran an article suggesting that, following its purchase of the US-based organic Whole Foods business, Amazon has become a ‘monster we should all be afraid of’. Allowing for an element of tabloid sensationalism, is there any truth behind the story?


Described as a ‘powerful new channel for customer service’ by some, and Apple’s answer to Facebook Messenger by others, Apple Business Chat – launched at WWDC 2017 - is a strong indicator of just how quickly the customer service sector is embracing chat.

Under the dramatic heading ‘Is Artificial Intelligence On the Brink of Changing Business Forever?’, Adobe’s CMO blog referenced a PWC study that highlighted optimising business efficiency, automating proactive communications and improving big data analytics as three key benefits that will be unlocked by AI.

Watching the webcast from Google I/O – the company’s developer conference held last week – I had a feeling that we were starting to see a lot of key building blocks being put in place to support the acceleration of AI-enabled Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities over the coming months.

When we talk about disruption in SabioSense we’re usually discussing new technologies or digital market innovations that we believe could have a positive impact on the customer experience.

Attending last week’s Opus Research Intelligent Assistants Conference, it was clear from both attendance at the event and the quality of the case studies being presented that there’s a real momentum behind Intelligent Assistants (IAs).