Managing Risk and Compliance

Solutions to ensure the quality and security of customer interactions

Whether it's meeting regulatory compliance goals or implementing active measures to prevent fraud across your customer contact operations, it's essential that organisations do everything they can to ensure the quality and security of their customer interactions.

At Sabio we don't believe there needs to be a disconnect between meeting compliance and security needs and still offering a high quality customer experience.

We work closely to help you reduce risk and improve compliance by deploying a range of technology solutions, from full-time recording and archiving of interactions, to comprehensive PCI compliance capabilities and the latest voice biometric security solution that runs passively in the background to verify customers and identify potentially fraudulent interactions during live calls.

We also help you deploy powerful speech and text analytics solutions that enable organisations to mine recorded calls as well as text-based communications such as email, web chat and social interactions. This kind of analytics approach can prove invaluable in surfacing valuable customer feedback, spotting key trends, and tracking customer journey alignment.