Driving operational productivity improvements

Enhancing agent performance while reducing operating costs

Employee costs still account for around 70% of overall contact centre budgets, so it's essential to know exactly what's going on across your contact centres, branch and back-office operations. Taking advantage of best practice Workforce Optimisation (WFO) solutions and other productivity tools can help you gain unprecedented visibility into your operational customer contact performance.

An effective WFO strategy helps in adopting a more holistic approach to managing your customer contact staff. However organisations are often at different stages when it comes to addressing productivity.

For some Workforce Optimisation might begin with a Workforce Management or Interaction Recording project. For others the focus may be more around evaluating the quality of contacts, requiring an emphasis on Performance Monitoring, Scorecards and Training and Development. Using Speech and Text Analytics can also help you identify issues that are holding back your productivity

With over 15 years' proven Workforce Optimisation expertise, Sabio is ideally placed to support you on your WFO journey. Our Workforce Optimisation experience – gained through the successful delivery of hundreds of projects – ranges from smaller customer service centres through to deployments across 40 countries involving thousands of agents.