Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers Workforce Management to help multi-site, multimedia contact centres simplify call centre and multimedia contact centre forecasting and scheduling, while providing performance management and eLearning capabilities.

With Verint Workforce Management, you can:

  • Reduce costs by staffing appropriately to meet your workload.
  • Improve service by forecasting and scheduling the right agents with the right skills at the right time.
  • Improve employee effectiveness and retention with eLearning and agent self-service capabilities.

Part of the Workforce Optimisation solution, Workforce Management provides a broad range of functionality, including:


Accurate forecasting is the critical first step in workforce management. Workforce Management integrates with your ACD and outbound dialler and uploads historical data directly from their database.

Verint Workforce Management incorporates the unique skills and proficiency levels of each employee. It helps you produce optimal schedules using a sophisticated simulation algorithm, down to the quarter hour by balancing the defined shift rules, work patterns, breaks, off-phone times, employee skills and preferences, and targeted service-level goals.


Scheduling Planning, adherence, and management

Verint Workforce Management provides views of inbound, outbound, and blended contact centres for a complete picture of adherence. Unique adherence views allow you to simultaneously compare your agents' actual phone, non-phone, and desktop activities against their schedules. You can review a breakdown of adherence per activity and manage exceptions, helping minimise shrinkage in your centre.

Agent self-service

Verint Workforce Management helps your staff manage and contribute to setting their own schedules without impacting service levels. Automated shift bidding, shift swapping, and time-off management (including time-off requests and accruals) can empower your staff while enabling supervisors to focus on coaching and performance.

KPI scorecards

Verint Workforce Management contains role-appropriate scorecards that display actual employee performance metrics. These scorecards include an extensive set of predefined key performance indicators (KPIs), along with the ability to create your own. Managers can drill directly from the KPIs on the scorecard to specific recordings or adherence screens and automatically trigger eLearning assignments based on scorecard results for targeted training.

Verint Workforce Management is also available for the back office.