Verint Speech Analytics can mine recorded customer interactions to help surface the intelligence essential for building effective customer strategies.

This effective analytics tool can help pinpoint trends and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products, and understand how offerings are perceived by the marketplace.

Part of Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ Workforce Optimisation suite, Speech Analytics can analyse call content, providing you with timely customer and market insights. By combining Verint’s patented Complete Semantic Index™ technology with advanced emotion detection and a Smart Category Wizard™, Speech Analytics can automatically categorise your audio interactions according to your company’s specific challenges and objectives.

Speech Analytics can transcribe the entire call content accurately, including accents, dialects, and slang, and be customized easily to accommodate specialised words, such as technical or industry terminology. Its TellMeWhy™ feature can help you quickly identify potential underlying root causes for specific calls. This feature can be particularly helpful for surfacing critical information that you might not otherwise know, such as repeated references to a competitor’s offering.

Speech Analytics can search unstructured audio data as well as structured call and customer information, such as CTI-tagged data, agent name, customer segmentation, and desktop application data. It returns a list of contacts in order of relevance, with a high degree of accuracy. This feature can help you evaluate interactions, mine data — even drill down to specific calls and sets of calls.

With Speech Analytics and Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, your organisation can turn recorded calls into actionable intelligence—a powerful competitive advantage in today’s market.