Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers Quality Monitoring, a powerful contact centre quality monitoring solution

The quality of interactions among your agents, dispatchers, or call takers with customers and the general public can greatly impact how people perceive your organisation.

That’s why quality monitoring is so important to your success. Verint Witness Actionable Solutions offers Quality Monitoring, a powerful contact centre quality monitoring solution.

Incorporating the powerful functionality of Verint’s ULTRA, Quality Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that combines quality monitoring (QM) and recording with performance management, eLearning, and customer survey capabilities.

Part of the Workforce Optimisation solution, Quality Monitoring provides a wide range of functionality that can help call centres and multimedia contact centres improve agent performance and customer satisfaction, including:

Contact Recording

Features patented, synchronised voice and data recording, enabling companies to capture, manage, and learn from the complete range of customer interactions — voice, web chat, email, and more — by defining the conditions for random, scheduled, selective, or full-time recording.

Automatic delivery of calls for evaluation

Automatically delivers contacts for evaluation, so supervisors can focus on improving agent performance, rather than on the mechanics of collecting calls. The Smart Inbox can be customised to receive a precise quota of calls per agent or calls that meet specific contact-related criteria, such as calls of a certain duration.

Intelligent, customisable evaluation forms

Enables forms to be rapidly designed and customized to your business objectives. Evaluation forms can incorporate many types of questions, default answers, free-form comments, and preset reason codes, simplifying completion.

Performance management

Enables agents to view their quality scores and listen to evaluated calls from their desktops for a better understanding of how to improve performance.

Unified evaluation and playback workspace

Improves the efficiency of the evaluation process, helping to make supervisors more efficient.

Synchronised audio and screens

Streamlines the evaluation process.


Automatically assigns and delivers eLearning sessions directly to employee desktops based on scorecard results and quality monitoring evaluations.

Comprehensive reporting

Delivers information to supervisors and managers.