Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ Recording offers recording solutions to meet a wide range of business needs.

Full-time recording

Call centre and multimedia contact centre recordings are a critical component of compliance and liability management programs. These recordings provide information for handling disputes and verifying transactions.

Part of the Workforce Optimisation solution, Recording can help organisations meet a range of needs, from compliance recording and liability management to monitoring agent performance. Recording can capture, index, and retrieve up to 100 percent of customer and caller interactions in traditional TDM, IP, and mixed telephony environments.

IP recording

Recording is a software-based recorder that captures, indexes, and retrieves up to 100 percent of your customer/caller interactions in IP, traditional, and mixed telephony environments. The recording platform uses non-proprietary, open-standards hardware and can coexist with TDM recorders, enabling organisations to migrate their recording infrastructure from one environment to the other without heavy reinvestment in costly hardware. As a result, Recording can provide a cost-effective solution for organisations that are transitioning from TDM to IP telephony, as well as for contact centres and support centres with home-based agents or remote agents/offices.

PCI and recording encryption

To protect your data when recorded, in transit, or in archives, optional functionality is available that uses AES-256 compliant encryption. This works with Recording and includes a separate key management system that enables you to move, archive, and store customer data, while protecting it from unauthorised access.