Customer Feedback provides online real time customer surveys that can help you measure and influence customer satisfaction.

As part of the Workforce Optimisation solution, Customer Feedback can help you solicit valuable input from customers. Customer Feedback is a browser-based solution that uses short, context-sensitive, dynamic customer surveys to capture data on products, processes, staff performance, and customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Online real-time customer surveys

By gathering data that might otherwise be overlooked or lost, Customer Feedback provides insight into the effectiveness of your people, products, and processes, allowing you to take action quickly. As a result, you can do more than simply measure customer satisfaction — you can influence it.

Customer Feedback integrates with Workforce Optimisation solutions, back-office and contact centre software, and CRM systems. It engages customers immediately after their interactions with your agents over IVR, web, and email with short, dynamic customer surveys that are delivered based on business rules you define.

Dynamic Customer Surveys

Because the customer surveys are intelligent, context-based, and timely, they engage customers and deliver response rates far greater than those obtained through traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires. As a result, you can move beyond mere sampling to capture meaningful data — even with large numbers of customers and multiples sites.

To help ensure that immediate opportunities are acted upon, Customer Feedback delivers alerts and workflow items right to the desktop. Links to actual call recordings provide your managers with a powerful review capability, enabling them to drill down for further analysis. Armed with this information, you can take the actions needed to increase first-call resolution rates, reduce escalations, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and improve agent coaching and training.