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Secure voice transactions for contact centres and retailers

Helping Avaya customers reduce the cost and burden of PCI compliance with Semafone

Semafone provides software to contact centres so they can take secure credit and debit card payments over the phone. Using Semafone’s patented payment method, card data is transmitted directly from the customer’s telephone keypad to the bank. This takes the contact centre out of scope of Payment Card Industry PCI DSS regulations, removing the threat of fraud and its associated reputational damage.

The only truly effective way to ensure customer security, comply with PCI standards and avoid the ongoing costs of securing your infrastructure is to remove your contact centre completely from the scope of PCI regulations. By doing this successfully, Semafone’s DTMF masking technology can help you remove the threat of contact centre fraud – and the associated reputational damage this can increasingly bring.

Sabio partners with Semafone to provide a PA-DSS certified solution that allows customers to securely provide their sensitive card details to the contact centre agent using their telephone keypad. Adding Semafone’s DTMF masking technology plays a key role in helping our extended network of Avaya customers to achieve their dual objectives of increased PCI compliance, while also reducing customer frustration in the contact centre.

Semafone is a PCI DSS Level 1 accredited Service Provider, holds a PA-DSS certification for its payment solution and is a Visa level 1 merchant agent.

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