Information where and when you need it with RMG Networks

Enabling a new generation of Intelligent Contact Centre displays

Tasked with improving customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, reducing customer effort, and maintaining agent performance – it’s certainly non-stop for today’s contact centre managers. However to achieve their goals they need current, real-time information – not data that’s hours, days or even weeks old.

That’s where RMG Networks can help, with its powerful range of Intelligent Contact Centre solutions that can help improve performance through highly visible real-time metrics that help to improve overall contact centre performance through highly-visible real-time metrics.

These Intelligent Contact Centre displays can aggregate data feeds such as call volumes, what's actually happened, and interactions that have been closed – effectively combining both effort and outcome information to create a much more meaningful information stream. Data is collected from your raw data as well other key data sources such as ACD, CRM, trouble-ticketing and salesforce.com.

RMG Network’s contact centre visualisation approach is used to display real-time KPIs to the entire team, helping to nip problems in the bud and adjust workflow to accommodate ups and downs in activity. The more nimble your call centre is, the more efficient and responsive it will be. And because Intelligent Contact Centre displays are role-configurable, deployments can distinguish between team-based information that can be shown on group LED displays or HDTVs, and individual agent performance data that appears as a personal floating window on their PCs. Similarly, contact centre management and team leaders can access the performance metrics they need on their mobile devices, while senior management can have a KPI-driven display that gives them a real-time window into customer service performance.

Sabio works with RMG Networks to build Intelligent Contact Centre visualisation data into our broader customer contact solutions. The company is a worldwide leader in intelligent visual communications that help businesses increase productivity, efficiency and engagement through digital messaging.

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