Accelerating project delivery with Avaya’s game-changer for business apps

How organisations can overcome their applications skills gap using next generation Avaya Breeze™ technology platform

While over 66% of IT executives plan to invest in mobile, customer-facing and cloud migration applications over the next two years as part of digital transformation initiatives, many recognise that they have a significant skills gap that impacts their ability to disrupt markets through innovation.

That’s where Avaya Breeze™ fits in. It’s a platform that allows organisations to easily design and embed added applications into their existing workflows via a powerful, simplified, software-defined architecture and communications infrastructure. As such, Avaya Breeze offers a much more agile approach to delivering additional business communications functionality – and one that Sabio sees as an important delivery mechanism for our customer contact domain expertise.

Avaya Breeze brings together a number of key components, including:

  • A development platform for the rapid creation of new workflow-based applications
  • The Avaya Snapp Store – an e-commerce enabled marketplace for smart apps
  • Open connectors and APIs that enable simple integration with your existing business comms services

The combination of prebuilt connectors, fit-for-purpose apps and accessible pricing will make it much easier for businesses to trial new functionality and gauge customer reactions. Using Avaya Breeze, workflow-based applications can now be created in days rather than months, while Breeze Snap-ins will allow developers to build the workflows, customer journeys and other unique applications that organisations increasingly require.

Having already trialled Avaya Breeze in a number of projects, we’re encouraged at Sabio by its ability to provide organisations with rapid access to new capabilities that might previously have taken months to achieve via traditional development methods. Contact us to learn more about how Sabio is working with Avaya Breeze to help organisations sandbox new functionality in their customer experience labs.