Cover ArkArk required Sabio to create a solution to achieve a high quality of care while maintaining a market leading speed of response.

Business Challenge

Ark's business challenge was to match its aspirations to achieve both the highest quality of care service delivery in the community and market leading speed of response. As a rapidly expanding business with a high volume of transactional activity, Ark was also keen to optimise its operational model and the efficiency of its central business services. It had also identified its branch network as being both cost inefficient and a barrier to consistency of service and business control. It decided to implement a more co-ordinated customer service approach, centralised on a core contact centre. To ensure that it deployed the latest best practice approach, Ark engaged Sabio's specialist Consultancy team to help ensure that its new customer engagement strategy operated effectively from day one.

Sabio Solution

Sabio's Consultancy team applied its distinctive Insight process – an innovative analysis framework that helps organisations such as Ark to understand where to focus their customer contact resources. Insight focuses on six key areas: data acquisition, demand management, automation, accessibility, optimisation and efficiency. Once completed, the Sabio Consultancy team then worked with Ark to apply their findings to the company's evolving business needs, and helped to develop a clear plan for Ark's contact operations and its next generation Customer Response Centre Strategy.

Results Delivered

Working with Ark, the Sabio Consultancy team has:

  • Helped identify a suitable location for Ark's Customer Response Centre
  • Delivered support in terms of technology staffing appointments
  • Applied its Sabio Insight programme to help Ark define its Target Operating Model, and apply the right technology to support its business
  • Harness the latest cloud-based telephony and CRM technology to provide Ark with a customer contact centre and strategy that's not dependent on IT department support


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