Comprehensive Quality Management and Testing

Ensuring the delivery of high quality solutions

Comprehensive Quality Management and Testing underpins all Sabio's implementation activities, with clearly defined test processes and a QMS (Quality Management System) helping to ensure the delivery of high quality solutions.

Applying an overall governance model to how we manage your project, means that a Sabio implementation needs to pass through a sequence of stringent measurement gates before we can release it to customer testing. We also take time to understand your specific user acceptance testing needs as well as your existing quality regimes. And we work with both your Business and IT departments to ensure customer satisfaction across all our projects.

Sabio holds ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification for the provision of its customer contact strategies and solutions, and we combine both In Process Quality and the Customer Quality experience to provide an ongoing measure of quality throughout the implementation process. We also offer support for your Lean Six Sigma and Lean Process quality approaches.

The Sabio Test Process is based on the key test levels – with templates giving consistent documentation for test plans, test case logs and test summary reports – allowing us to keep records and be fully ISO9001 compliant.

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