Taking your customer contact project forward

Creating component-level Functional & Technical designs

This is an important first stage in taking agreed projects to the next level. Sabio's team review the requirements captured during "pre-sales" and create the next level of detailed specifications that customer organisations can all agree on.

Often this is the first time that all the different parts of your business have got together to address their project requirements. To ensure a consistent approach, Sabio hosts a series of workshops for both your business and IT teams, taking the original Solutions Design and conducting a detailed business analysis to make sure that all your specific business transformation goals are fully understood – and can be transitioned into a set of solutions that we can configure and build for you.

Sabio then takes things down to a series of component level designs, documenting and explaining any interdependencies between different parts of the solutions – and also factoring in other relevant projects that you might be running in parallel.

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