Understanding the impact on the customer

Putting user acceptance testing at the heart of projects

Successful implementations require more than just technical insight – particularly when it comes to delivering a positive customer experience.

Insight into how customers actually engage with your contact solutions is critical to designing the optimum customer journey, and increasingly so given the requirement for an integrated approach across voice, webchat, email and apps.

Sabio helps with a dedicated Customer Interface team that carefully analyses how organisations interact with customers, and designs 'wireframes' to help create the optimal customer journey.

We believe in ensuring that new technology transforms the customer experience and avidly avoid automating bad practice.

No detail is small, we listen to thousands of calls for example to identify those interactions that work best, and then take those findings to inform the design and implementation of your new solutions. This forms a critical part of user acceptance testing, as well as ongoing post-deployment refinements.

Effective customer interface development delivers key benefits in terms of consistency and customer acceptance, and increasingly applies not just to voice but all the different multi-channel touch points that your customers experience.

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