We've partnered with Verint® Systems Inc. to provide executive sponsorship for the Professional Planning Forum's key 'Volatility & Flexibility Challenge 2014' education programme.

We believe that the most important questions to ask and to understand are how volatile your workload is and what is your flexibility requirement? To maximise your planning potential you must know these two things. If you've not quantified your workload volatility what are you planning for? The Professional Planning Forum has identified that not enough organisations know this and therefore we want to support you through a 12 month challenge. This will help you to:

  • Quantify volatility and building the business case
  • Understand Flexibility requirement
  • Close the loop, plan and implement

This year we invite you to participate in a series of events to learn, understand and discuss your volatility and flexibility requirements. We will be hosting three workshops in six regions around the UK this spring, summer and autumn before closing the loop at the National Best Practice seminar in November 2014.

According to the Professional Planning Forum's Chief Executive, Steve Woosey: "One of the critical workforce optimisation issues currently faced by contact centre planning operations relates to the volatility of workload and an organisation's flexibility requirement. If you're serious about maximising your planning potential then you've really got to start off by quantifying your workload volatility – however, it's increasingly evident that too few organisations are currently getting this right.

"It's great that Sabio and Verint – organisations that are both highly regarded as proven workforce optimisation specialists - are jointly sponsoring our core 'Volatility & Flexibility' education programme for 2014," continued Steve. "Sabio and Verint's support means we have now put together an integrated programme of events and regional workshops – running from March through December - to help our members learn, understand and discuss their volatility and flexibility requirements."

The Challenge

This is a free development opportunity. All you have to do is commit to attending three one-day workshops in your region. We encourage you to bring colleagues from across your organisation to different sessions to share the learning as well as gaining from their perspective. We just ask that as an organisation there is one constant delegate throughout the year.

The regions are as follows:

  • Scotland, using venues in Glasgow
  • North East & Yorkshire, using venues in Newcastle
  • North West, using venues in Manchester
  • London, central London
  • Wales & South West, venues in Bristol and Cardiff
  • Ireland, Dublin

Workshop 1 – Making the case for change

  • Understand how to calculate workload volatility for front and back office.
  • Know the considerations, exceptions and challenges.
  • Audience: Planning, Forecast and Schedulers, Operational Managers, Finance, HR and Marketing.


  • London, Wednesday 5th March
  • Cardiff, Friday 7th March
  • Newcastle, Tuesday 11th March
  • Glasgow, Wednesday 12th March
  • Manchester, Thursday 13th March
  • Dublin, Thursday 20th March 

Workshop 2 – People Planning

Understand how to apply the flexibility toolkit to your volatility requirement.
How does your volatility and flexibility requirement shape your planning team and operation?

Audience: Planning, Real-Time, Forecast and Schedulers, Operational Managers, Finance, HR and Marketing


  • Manchester, Tuesday 17th June (Full)
  • Glasgow, Thursday 19th June (Limited Availability)
  • London, Tuesday 24th June (Limited Availability)
  • Dublin, Thursday 26th June
  • Newcastle, Tuesday 1st July
  • Cardiff, Thursday 3rd July (Limited Availability)

Workshop 3 – Closing the loop

  • How to build this into your budget
  • Becoming a more effective planning function

Audience: Planning, Real-Time Forecast and Schedulers, Operational Managers, Finance, HR and Marketing.


  • Manchester, Tuesday 2nd September
  • Glasgow, Wednesday 3rd September
  • London, Tuesday 9th September
  • Newcastle, Wednesday 10th September
  • Cardiff / Bristol, Thursday 11th September
  • Dublin, Wednesday 17th September

The programme at a glance

The commitment to signing up is to attend the Three regional workshops (marked in red), attendance/involvement in the other events (marked in purple) shown in the programme illustration below are optional. We want to show you our strategy for the next 12 months and offer you the opportunity to be involved as much as you'd like.


This is a unique opportunity for you to develop your planning knowledge and understanding, make a difference to your organisation's planning and be a part of the development of planning best practice. There will also be opportunities for you to be part of future planning forum events (conference and seminars) and newsletters either by presenting or table facilitating and writing articles or blogs.

To book your free places please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note the PPF member organisations will be given priority.