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Effective Reporting

Effective Reporting


Performance Reporting and Management Information for effective decision-making

Making sure you act on insight from key metrics

Performance reporting and actionable management information is fundamental in enabling your Contact Centre to make informed business decisions that will help drive your business towards becoming an award-winning contact centre operation.


Putting Speech and Text Analytics at the core of your Reporting strategies

Offering a more holistic view of the customer experience

Gathering, analysing and acting on what your customers say is critical to improving loyalty and reducing customer effort – and can have a significant impact on reducing your operational costs.


Optimising your Contact Centre investment through effective reporting

Monitoring overall performance levels against your core metrics

Having invested in a best practice customer contact technology infrastructure, you’ll need to have the right Contact Centre Reporting solutions in place to ensure you’re optimising your Multichannel investment.


Broadening your IVR Reporting perspective

Measuring performance against both customer and operational goals

For Sabio, effective IVR Reporting needs to focus on two key areas: success from the customer perspective, and the broader operational impact of deploying an IVR solution on other key customer contact processes.


Managing what’s happening across your social spaces

Integrating social media into your broader contact centre analytics activities

Maintaining a consistent customer experience across all key customer touch points is an essential part of today’s successful contact strategies, and that consistency also needs to extend to reporting.


Optimising Livechat performance through effective reporting

Providing the feedback needed to measure livechat effectiveness

Today’s ‘messaging economy’, encouraging customers to send and receive information at their convenience, is all about giving consumers more choice. However with so many messaging channels available, it’s all too easy for service providers to get the balance wrong.


Building a Customer and Employee Engagement Reporting strategy using an actionable insight platform.

Embedding Customer Effort at the heart of your continuous improvement program to drive up NPS and CSAT scores

Traditional Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is an important contact centre metric, but it doesn’t always give a realistic indication of your overall level of customer satisfaction – largely because it’s often based on the most recent contact.