How Thames Water placed effective Workforce Management at the heart of its customer service operations. 

Building on the success of an initial Impact 360 WFM deployment, Thames Water has worked closely with Sabio to upgrade, extend and refine its best practice use of Workforce Management to support customer service activities.

Business Challenge

Thames Water’s key customer service challenge is to continue to provide a reliable service - that also offers value for money - for its 8.8 million customers. The company is focused on reducing causes of any customer complaints, and ensuring that when a customer has reason to contact Thames Water they are dealt with in a way that leaves them satisfied.

Thames Water also wanted to plan employee work schedules across both the front and back-office Customer Services operations. The organisation turned to Sabio consultants to help integrate and optimise the workforce planning to meet customer demand through the application of best practice Workforce Management techniques.

Sabio Solution

Following an original decision to work with experienced contact centre technology partner Sabio, Thames Water successfully deployed a Workforce Management solution based on Verint’s Impact 360 suite. This allows the company to schedule its customer service employees across both contact centre front-office and back-office operations. Since then Sabio has helped Thames Water to upgrade its Impact 360 WFM solution, integrating the company’s new Customer Centre in Reading, and deliver best practice performance in key workforce management areas such as the deployment of flexible shift patterns, agent adherence, forward scheduling and agent availability.

Results Delivered

Thames Water’s original deployment of WFM across its front and back-office operations led to a 100 percent improvement in planning and scheduling productivity. Deploying the latest Impact 360 WFM software has also:

  • Reduced team leader workloads by a third
  • Seen the key ‘calls answered within 30 seconds’ measure increase from 43 to 84 percent over the last year
  • Achieve major inroads in the company’s goal to reduce calls abandoned, with a further 28 percent improvement within the last 12 months
  • Led to continued improvements in Customer Service scores, and a further 3 place gain in key Ofwat rankings


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