1.  On Demand – for some organisations, the benefits of Workforce Management are clear but the initial investment and often inflexible software licencing can make procurement challenging.

Now, however, the latest on demand Workforce Management solutions are removing potential barriers to entry, offering minimal cost of ownership, accessible monthly pricing and significantly reduced time to deployment. If you've been holding back, on demand Workforce Management provides an ideal way of accessing enterprise-class WFM capabilities including real-time agent adherence and advisor self-service features. On demand solutions can also scale to meet the largest organisational requirements, scaling to support thousands of users. Find out more about Sabio OnDemand powered by Verint.

 2.  Mobile – effective Workforce Management is all about agent engagement, so it makes sense to buy a WFM solution that is accessible as possible. Given the general age demographic of agents, it's worthwhile looking for a tool that is also optimised for mobile access, enabling agents and their managers to respond and take action from the convenience of their own mobile devices. Via a standard mobile app, agents can view their own scorecards and KPI progress, check their daily and weekly schedules and also submit time off or holiday requests. Managers and team leaders can also use their mobile devices to monitor team schedules as well as approve time off and holiday requests.

 3.  Don't overlook the need for ongoing skills development – WFM solutions help contact centres to schedule and manage their most expensive resource – their agents, so it's really important to make sure that your tool remains correctly configured and deployed throughout its lifetime, and that you retain the right staffing and expertise in-house to keep WFM performing optimally. That's why we recommend that organisations also budget for a couple of days additional training and configuration each year to make sure that they continue to have the right skills and expertise in place to ensure continued WFM operational success.

Find out more, download our White Papers Ensuring Workforce Optimisation Efficiency and Ensuring Workforce Optimisation Effectiveness.