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Earlier this month, leading UK digital retailer took advantage of the proactive intervention capabilities of Sabio’s MaaS Monitoring-as-a-Service solution to prevent a potential outage in the run-up to Black Friday. MaaS has just delivered another critical save, flagging up a looming issue for a major insurer – just as the UK entered its coldest spell for the last seven years.

News that one of the UK’s leading digital retailers, was livestreaming kittens on its website last week to help calm stressed-out Black Friday shoppers confirms what we all know – namely that for everyone involved, the year’s most intense shopping frenzy can be overwhelming.

I’ve been working out of Sabio’s Singapore office for the past few weeks, and it struck me that there’s an increasing disconnect between today’s predominantly networked ICT/hosted architectures and most of the infrastructures that exist to support them.

Contact Centre support services vary significantly. They can range from “product support” offerings through to fully outsourced or managed services and of course many variations in between.

As the UK's leading independent contact centre technology specialist, Sabio understands just how critical having the right support infrastructure in place is to your organisation's operational success.

Grass Roots is the world's leading provider of employee and customer engagement solutions. You've probably encountered Grass Roots at work, even without knowing it. 

When it comes to driving down technology costs there's an inevitability about the choices made by many large enterprises, with restructuring or outsourcing always figuring somewhere in the decision-making process.

At an internal Sabio meeting today, we focused on the value of Sabio's very own Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) product.

Well, yes! The technology is available and has been for some time. The real decision is - should you deploy self-healing monitoring products?