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Around a year ago Ofcom introduced its changes to Non Geographic (08 and 09) Numbers, and customer service organisations had to make a choice between going with 03 numbers for customer contact or sticking with their 0800 version but absorbing the cost of customer calls.

If your business calls or publishes Non Geographic Numbers (08, 09 and 118 numbers) for customer contact then you should already be aware of the changes that came into force in July this year.

Later this month at Sabio's Transforming Customer Contact Conference being held in London on June 18th, I'll be outlining how more and more customer service organisations are successfully transitioning their voice traffic to SIP trunking.

Each Newswire edition our Client Relations and Events Manager, Grace Lee interviews one of our customers to find out what it's like to work with Sabio, their views on the industry and what makes them tick.

Over the last few years there has been an ongoing debate about the rate of decline of ISDN lines in the UK – and their gradual replacement with SIP trunks. 

So who are Sabio Network Services and what do they provide? We posed some questions to Paul Betteridge, SNS (Sabio Network Services) Billing and Operations Manager, to find out more.....

While many observers have commented about the impressive presence and data tagging capabilities of the SIP - Session Initiation Protocol – open standard,