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While organisations are encouraged to delight customers at every touch point, it’s also important to be realistic – particularly for routine interactions. For cost-efficient, low-effort engagement it’s perhaps wiser to focus your resources on reducing customer effort. 

Despite continued innovation in voice-enabled customer engagement channels, it’s surprising how many organisations seem to overlook their ‘voice-first’ focus when it comes to their often long-established Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

Office Depot, the leading supplier of office equipment in Europe, has been through a major period of change following its acquisition by AURELIUS Equity Opportunities in early 2017.

At the beginning of the year we highlighted Messaging as a customer communications channel we thought had significant momentum and that was poised for further expansion during 2018.

With the news on Monday that Sabio has acquired the Bright UK customer service data and analysis business, it’s no surprise that the provision of best-in-class CX data insight services is uppermost in our minds.

Sabio holds regular Executive Forums where we host CEOs, CIOs and CMOs from leading brands to discuss key issues shaping customer experience.

Given the high quality of winners of last night’s European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs) it’s perhaps initially hard to square this celebration of service excellence with reports this week that both UK and US customer service indexes are dropping in overall CX quality.

At Sabio we think customer experience should be brilliant – but we also understand that great technology alone isn’t always enough to deliver all the answers.

A report last week suggested that over half of UK consumers expect to be able to abandon using cash for shopping within the next two years. And that’s good news – particularly given that payment is often seen as a main barrier for seamless customer journeys.