Sabio, the Contact Centre Specialist Transforming Customer Contact 



In its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019, analyst firm Gartner rightly highlights how conversational platforms are reshaping the way that customers interact with brands. However, from a CX perspective, it’s essential that brands are also smart about how they integrate this core technology into their customer engagement infrastructure.

For a number of years now at Sabio we’ve been advising brands about the challenge that social networks such as Google and Facebook pose to the CX community. The announcement last week that Google is now repositioning its Maps app as yet another B2C interface suggests that the global search vendor is serious about disrupting your carefully orchestrated customer journeys.

It was great to attend the UK National Contact Centre Conference run by the CCMA at the British Library in London last week, and to present alongside speakers from leading brands such as Air France,, Lego and Severn Trent Water.

For years it’s been accepted that a bad IVR interaction can damage the overall customer experience. So why are some organisations now in danger of repeating the same mistakes when it comes to deploying the latest AI-powered chatbot solutions?

Earlier this month I read about how Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator, has received a government grant to examine how blockchain technology could be applied to improve the way that our phone numbers are managed. And, unlike most of the blockchain stories I see, it actually came across as a potentially useful application.

Stuck in a hotel recently watching Netflix, it struck me as significant how the company is now actively using the WhatsApp Business platform to communicate and encourage account contact with its subscribers.

Everyone talks about providing great customer experiences, but how can you make that happen? Lack of communication on a recent flight I took brought home to me the need to make the customer feedback process as easy as possible – and also highlighted the valuable role that the latest micro survey approaches can play in making feedback as immediate and relevant as possible.

While previous generation virtual assistants were little more than front-ends to a knowledge base, today’s intelligent assistants are taking things to the next level with full conversational interactions – whether via chatbots in messaging threads or through virtual assistants embedded into the web journey.

While organisations are encouraged to delight customers at every touch point, it’s also important to be realistic – particularly for routine interactions. For cost-efficient, low-effort engagement it’s perhaps wiser to focus your resources on reducing customer effort.