When you are looking to improve the performance of your contact centre a good place to start is to see how other companies have engaged the Sabio Consultancy team. Below are a selection of Sabio's previous call centre consultancy projects:

Too many technology projects fail to deliver on their stated goals. Organisations are repeatedly failing to take advantage of new technology deployments to improve their business. 

Sabio believes that technology should act as a catalyst to improve the performance of your business. Whilst some business benefits can be gained by simply replacing old technology with new, this does not represent success alone. Real success is the ability to fully exploit technology to transform your customer service operation.

Technology deployments that really transform your business go hand in hand with operational change. Operational change involves your people, processes, technology and customers. It requires a commitment from your business, a detailed understanding of your operational processes and the ability to implement change.

Sabio's Target Operating Model consultancy engagement is designed to enable your business to make the operational change required to fully exploit your technology solution. The Target Operating Model focusses on engaging your people throughout every stage of the project to ensure that new technology and processes are understood and adopted. Additionally, the process helps you to define and deliver an operational structure and a set of best practice processes that will transform your customer services operation.

The Target Operating Model process

Sabio's Target Operating Model process is designed to fit around a more traditional technology implementation process. The key objective of this approach is to ensure that your operation extracts as much value out of the technology as possible.

Target Operating Model Process

Key activities include the following:

Most organisations simply turn up and ask you how you want your new system to be configured. Sabio consultants carry out a diagnostic of your operation to understand your business challenges and how the technology can be deployed to maximum potential. Information gathered through the Insight process I used here. This process is key to informing the design phase of the project.

Throughout the entire project, Sabio will work with all of your key stakeholders to ensure that they are fully engaged with the project and what it will deliver. This typically involves running a series of workshops and one-to-ones as well as identifying champions to inform and engage throughout. Key stakeholders include Execs, Managers, Customer Services advisors and everyone in between. We have found that this approach is key to the success of the project.

When the new technology is deployed, your team will be tasked with testing all of the functionality and capabilities. We have found that accompanying your team during this phase and 'hand holding' the testing process significantly improves your teams understanding of how the technology works. This leads to greater uptake, less panic at go live and reduced incidents raised.

Once the technology is live and has had a chance to settle in, Sabio carry out a post implementation review. This is designed to ensure that the technology is working as planned, the processes that have been defined are fully optimised and utilised and that people are using the technology to its full potential. Post implementation reviews are a great way to ensure that best practice is maintained.

With real people (customers and staff) using the technology and processes it is important to monitor how they are performing and optimise where necessary. This could include making simple tweaks to call routing, changes to your quality process and amendments to how you gather customer feedback. The best customer services operations continuously review and optimise – we can help you develop this culture within your operation.

TOM Focus areas

The Target Operating Model Is focussed on the following areas:


TOM Focus Area

Sabio's consultancy team work with the world's leading organisations to help them to develop world class customer contact strategies.

The first step in defining a world class customer contact strategy is to understand where you are today and where you should be focussing your resources. Some of our clients are literally building a customer service strategy from scratch, others are much more advanced on their journey.

Sabio has developed our Insight process which helps our customers to decide where to focus their resources. Insight is an innovative analysis framework that allows our customer service experts to analyse and benchmark the performance of your operation against the best in the industry.

The key objective of the Insight process is to provide you with clarity and focus on the initiatives that will have the biggest impact over the next 12-24 months.


The Insight Process


Insight Process Diagram


The 'Insight' analysis framework, devised by the Consultancy Practice at Sabio enables the assessment of your customer services operation across six key areas: data acquisition, demand management, automation, accessibility, optimisation and efficiency.

Having spent time getting to know your customer services operation and digital channels, Sabio will provide feedback and recommendations on key focus areas for the next 12-24 months. Recommendations will cover technology, process, people and customer.

Are you able to accurately and efficiently route customer contacts and other work items to the correct people?

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