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I’m fascinated by Silicon Valley’s continued prominence as a global epicentre of creative output. However, it’s not just innovation that sets Silicon Valley apart from other centres of technological development, it’s also the collective willingness to iterate.


Last week Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos sent a letter to shareholders that focused on his determination to keep the company focused on ‘Day 1’ thinking, - an approach that’s characterised by customer obsession, resisting rigorous process adherence, the eager adoption of external trends and high-velocity decision making.

One of the key messages from our recent Disrupted Customer Contact 2017 conference was that disruption is currently impacting businesses across a wide range of sectors.

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Were you only to concentrate on the news headlines, it would be easy to believe that AI is all about machines stealing your job, or that large organisations consistently fail to deliver excellent customer service.

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Harvard Business Review’s recent issue focused on ‘How to Win and Keep Customers’, and featured an important article on ‘Kick-Ass Customer Service’.

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Speaking earlier this year at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Switzerland, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that he under-estimated the sheer power of the AI revolution

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Attending Nuance’s London Customer Experience Summit earlier this month was a great opportunity to catch up with some of the brands busy transforming their customer experience with technologies such as voice biometrics and virtual assistants.

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In its new research into Digital Transformation, analyst firm Aberdeen Group stressed the importance of user focus in digital transformation initiatives - and particularly the importance of continually tracking actual user experiences across multiple channels.

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In a week when SpaceX announced passenger trips to the moon and Google’s sister company Boston Dynamics previewed its jumping robot, the future suddenly seems a whole lot closer!