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SabioSense – 16.02.17

At Sabio we’re busy getting ready for our Disrupted Customer Contact 2017 conference that we’re holding at The Brewery in London next week - there’s still time to register if you haven’t already.

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SabioSense – 08.02.17

According to the 2017 Adobe Trends Report featured in Econsultancy, creating the optimum customer experience is now the biggest priority for marketers - overtaking data-driven marketing that held the top spot last year. However there’s also a growing recognition that improving data analysis is always going to remain a critical component of delivering brilliant customer experiences.

SabioSense – 01.02.17

When asked whether chatbots would go mainstream in 2017, Chris Messina (inventor of the hashtag) suggested that it might take a few more years for people to become as comfortable using bots as they are today with their favourite smartphone-based apps. 

 SabioSense – 25.01.17

While a new Institute of Customer Service report has said that the gap between the best and worst customer service performers has narrowed, the BBC writes that it’s those aged from 25 to 34 that are now the least happy group of customers – challenging the notion that it’s ‘grumpy old men’ who are most likely to complain!

SabioSense – 11.01.17

Last week’s CES show in Las Vegas was awash with smart micro drones, VR shoes with haptic vibration, connected hairbrushes, smart underwear and hyper-thin 8k resolution TVs.

SabioSense – 04.01.17

According to ZDNet, how the CIO and CMO ‘agree and align’ will become even more critical as digital becomes central to providing an excellent, end-to-end customer experience.

SabioSense – 14.12.16

When the Netflix drama Black Mirror set out a future where a person’s ‘social score’ might directly impact different aspects of their lives, it seemed an intriguing concept - but strictly in the realms of science fiction.

SabioSense – 07.12.16

This week I read an interesting report from Accenture highlighting that organisations with an increased emphasis on innovation and product development end up with between three to seven percent higher annualised revenues than their non-innovating competitors.

SabioSense – 24.11.16

I’m always keen to see how organisations actually deliver when it comes to customer contact innovation, particularly in terms of joining up their service offer across multiple channels.