Sabio, the Contact Centre Specialist Transforming Customer Contact 



Organisations always talk about how they’re committed to improving the Customer Experience, but how should they actually set about this critical task?

Organisations clearly place a premium on designing effortless customer journeys, however the likelihood for many brands is that more and more customers will be starting their journeys from somewhere else outside of their business.

With so many different technologies and opportunities available, it’s often daunting for contact centre management to determine exactly what to do next to improve customer experience.

The Annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas dwarfs most other industry events, and this year it’s estimated that CES 2016 saw some 20,000 new products launched by 3,600 exhibitors.

For many organisations, speech analytics is still a relatively new discipline. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure that you build the right governance around your speech analytics projects.

Until now a major barrier to successful customer journey design has been the cost and complexity of developing and deploying innovative solutions.

We know online service and dedicated mobile apps can deliver real benefits in terms of reduced customer effort and more cost-effective interactions.

Following the news this week that Trading Standards had seized 15,000 unsafe hoverboards brought into the UK, Amazon was quick to announce that any of their customers who had bought one of the self-balancing scooters should dispose of the product safely at a local recycling centre.

London’s impressive Roof Gardens, complete with its roaming flamingoes, was the venue for Sabio’s recent ‘Sound of Success’ event this month.