Sabio, the Contact Centre Specialist Transforming Customer Contact 



With Amazon’s Dash buttons - Wi-Fi-connected devices that customers can use to re-order repeat items – we’re already seeing how organisations are dramatically transforming traditional processes to make things easier for their customers.

Contact Centre support services vary significantly. They can range from “product support” offerings through to fully outsourced or managed services and of course many variations in between.

Early encounters with speech analytics transcriptions might quickly lead you to the conclusion that this technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

At Sabio's reception held for the winners of the CCMA's UK National Contact Centre Awards, attendees were keen to discuss the rapidly evolving expectations of today's increasingly important millennial or Generation Y demographic.

At Sabio we're serious about helping the organisations that we work with deliver the highest standards of customer service.

At Adobe's recent Digital Marketing Symposium I was fascinated by an RBS presentation by Matthew Harwood into how the bank is rigorously applying the latest web data and analytics thinking to reshape its online targeting.

The customer contact industry places a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the right kind of contacts come through to the call centre, so it’s good to see one of the UK’s leading service providers putting intelligent demand deflection into action.

Last week's news that an overly trusting East Anglian business was scammed into handling over £1 million to a bogus caller claiming to be calling from the firm's bank has caused a lot of debate.

Speaking at Sabio’s recent Transforming Customer Contact event, CCMA UK’s Chief Executive Ann-Marie Stagg