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Having looked at the infrastructure and solutions trends that are set to drive improved customer service operations during 2015, it makes sense now to identify those key solutions strategies that can help organisations take advantage of these trends to transform overall contact centre performance.

Getting the job done for Grass Roots

Written by Thursday, 15 January 2015

Grass Roots is the world's leading provider of employee and customer engagement solutions. You've probably encountered Grass Roots at work, even without knowing it. 

Last week I looked at the five infrastructure technology trends that at Sabio we believe will help drive successful customer engagement strategies this year. For this next blog I have shifted the focus to the core contact technology solution innovations that are set to have a significant impact over the next 12 months.

With best practice organisations increasingly treating customer service delivery as a critical business differentiator, it's essential that contact centres take advantage of the latest infrastructure, solutions and strategic technologies to optimise their customer engagement.

When Belgium's three main trade unions called a general strike earlier this month, DHL Express quickly realised that the planned strike activities – including blocking access to large parts of Brussels - were likely to cause considerable disruption to their business in Belgium.

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