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Here you'll find personal commentary and current opinions from thought leaders within the Contact Centre industry.

The blogs do not necessarily reflect the current position held by Sabio. Please get in touch for our latest best practice, benchmarking and recommendations.

The customer contact industry places a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the right kind of contacts come through to the call centre, so it's good to see one of the UK's leading service providers putting intelligent demand deflection into action.

Last week's news that an overly trusting East Anglian business was scammed into handling over £1 million to a bogus caller claiming to be calling from the firm's bank has caused a lot of debate. Some reports suggested that this incident has set a new record for telephone banking fraud, while others have attributed this and other frauds to a more general rise in 'cyber-crime'.

Speaking at Sabio's recent Transforming Customer Contact event, CCMA UK's Chief Executive Ann-Marie Stagg spoke about how most organisations were struggling to master the move towards omni-channel engagement. She went on to describe the average customer journey as 'lumpy' at best, and posed the question: 'why aren't channel owners spending more time in workshops figuring out how to deliver a more consistent multi-channel service offering?'

As Apple launches its latest iPhone range, it's worthwhile reflecting just how much technology people are now carrying around with them. And with 5G testing set for 2016, it looks like our next generation of smartphones will be able to take advantage of online performance that's up to 50% faster than current 4G offerings.

As consumers we're all becoming increasingly familiar with personal assistants such as Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now. Whenever we want to know what the weather's like, hear the latest football results or find out the capital of Denmark, these virtual assistants can usually give us the answers we need.

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