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Before pursuing a proactive contact strategy, it's important for organisations to address why they're really doing it. Traditionally proactive outreach for contact centres has been about deflecting demand, and – while there may often be valid reasons for doing this – simply blanketing customers with SMS messages can often do more harm than good.

In my last blog I focused on how effective Workforce Management is a pre-requisite for a successful contact centre operation, however it's also about the space it gives you to focus on other Workforce Optimisation aspects such as Quality Monitoring and Coaching.

Over the years the traditional wallboard has become a fixture in most contact centres. Typically these simple LED screens present limited information, invariably the most basic ACD data reflecting only effort-based metrics.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar last week alongside the Editor of CallCentreHelper – Jonty Pearce, and Paul Weald of Deloitte Consulting's UK Customer Management team. Titled 'How to Transform Customer Contact in the Contact Centre', it was particularly well attended with some over 100 attendees including international registrants from Canada, Abu Dhabi and Spain!

Need to re-assure banking customers

Written by Tuesday, 03 February 2015

Having just hosted Sabio's recent Voice Biometrics for Financial Services executive dinner, I was struck by how relevant the issue is when I read a number of recent letters in the Sunday Times Money section that followed up an article titled 'Is anybody safe from the bank fraudsters?'

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