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Here you'll find personal commentary and current opinions from thought leaders within the Contact Centre industry.

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For those of you who missed our recent event 'The Future with AVAYA', you will also have missed my session titled 'The Opportunity with Avaya Aura Contact Centre'.

EE describes itself as the UK's most advanced digital communications company, however it would seem it got it's wires crossed last week when it revealed its Priority Answer initiative that lets customers jump the queue if they're prepared to pay 50p for the privilege.

As part of the Sabio and Verint sponsored Professional Planning Forum's (PPF) core education programme we recently attended the second phase of workshops. The programme's overall theme is Volatility and Flexibility, with these workshops concentrating on operational flexibility.

One key development that is positioned to accelerate successful digital customer strategies is WebRTC (Web real-time communication), the open source project that effectively turns the Web into an open communication platform enabling anyone to make audio and video calls, send IMs or post documents, images and other media directly into a Web browser.

At the start of this year I blogged about how Digital was playing an increasingly important part in successful omni-channel customer engagement programmes. Six months further on, it's worth noting just how quickly things have progressed.

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